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My cheapy ECS motherboard has been a little flaky for a while now - spontaneously rebooting if I push too much traffic through the USB ports, for example.  Anyway, yesterday it finally turned up its toes, and close inspection revealed that one of the chipset heatsinks had never been fitted properly, and the heat finally got the better of it.

Time for a new motherboard.

Of course, nobody makes MoBo's that take Socket 939 processors or DDR memory any more, so it became time for an upgrade.

As luck would have it, Fry's had some pretty decent bundles on sale for the Labor Day weekend, and I picked up a Gigabyte GA-M790X-DS4 board, Phenom 9750 Quad, and 4GB of DDR2/800.  Sweet.

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Since I was replacing the core of my PC's hardware, I decided rather than restore the full system from backup and deal with all the hassles of incompatible drivers, etc, that I would take the opportunity to start afresh without the hassles&nb... Read More

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